Monday, 26 January 2015

Great Day!

Reading, Writing, Math homework due on Sunday evening. Grade 3 students have a math homework link this week. Gr. 2 students can do 10 minutes of dreambox on 2 different days or they can play a math game on the blog for 10 minutes on 2 different days.

New word wall words are on the blog.

In language today the students chanted out their word wall words and then finished giving descriptive feedback to their peers about their explanatory writing. They then had a chance to read the feedback other groups gave them.

In math today the students completed a couple of addition and subtraction questions and then worked on an independent measurement practice worksheet.

If you have time please complete these questions tonight.

Gr. 2 Susan’s ribbon is 13 cm long. Mary’s ribbon is 29 cm long. How much longer is Mary’s ribbon than Susan’s ribbon.

Gr. 3 Susan’s ribbon is 234 cm long. Tom’s ribbon is 329 cm long. How much longer is Tom’s ribbon than Susan’s.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow. 

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