Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wonderful Day

In language today the students reviewed their word wall words and then worked in groups and wrote an explanatory paragraph explaining what their favourite season was and why that was their favourite season.

In math we began working with money and time.  If you have time tonight please complete these questions:

Gr. 2  I have 4 coins in my hand. I have more than 25 cents but less than one dollar. What coins could I have in my hand?

Grade 2 Draw 2 clock faces and make 3:30 and 6:15 on the clocks.

Gr. 3 Mrs. Little’s carpet is 2m42cm long. Mrs. Berryhill’s carpet is 128 cm shorter.  How long is Mrs. Berryhill’s carpet? Show your work.

Gr. 3. Mrs. Little’s desk is 1m18cm long. Mrs. Berryhill’s desk is 43cm longer. How long is Mrs. Berryhill’s desk? Show your work.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.

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