Monday, 10 April 2017

A Beautiful Spring Day!

New word wall words are on the blog and in your child’s agenda.

Easter Raffle tickets are being sold until Thursday.

Today in math we played a money bingo game. We continue to work on learning the names of the coins and how much each coin is worth. If you have time tonight ask your child to sort the coins in their piggy bank and then tell you how many of each coin they have.  If you child doesn’t have a piggy bank have them sort the coins in your wallet or a handful of coins.

In language today we chanted out this week’s word wall words, read a spring poem and found words that rhyme with the word well, and then did a shared writing of how to make jello in procedural writing form. If you have time tonight ask your child to read this week’s word wall words to you and then to tell you a sentence using the word Tuesday.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow. 

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