Monday, 3 April 2017

Great Day

New wall word wall words are on the blog and in your child’s agenda. There are only 4 word wall words this week.

In math today the students completed an independent subtraction sheet reviewing subtraction from 20. If you have time tonight ask your child to try these 2 subtraction equations:  13 – 9 and 15 – 6.

In language today we read a spring poem and found rhyming words for the word sun. We also worked with a partner and wrote an explanatory paragraph explaining how to give a dog a bath. If you have time tonight ask your child to read this week’s word wall words, to tell you a sentence using the word very and then to tell you the short vowel sounds of all the vowels (a as in hat, e as in egg, i as in insect, o as in octopus, and u as in umbrella).

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow. 

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