Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sunshine! At last!

Library books are due tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last time in grade 1 that students will be able to borrow a library book.

Jump Rope for Heart pledge forms are due back at school tomorrow. You don’t need to return the form if you filled it out online.

In math, we compared things to a metre. The students worked with a partner and found things in the class that were shorter than a metre, about a metre and longer than a metre. If you have time tonight please try these questions with your child:

6 + 5 =  (knowing 6 + 6 can help you solve this one)

6 + 7 = (knowing 6 + 6 can help you solve this one)

13 - 6 = 

2 + _____ = 10 (what goes with 2 to make 10)

In language, today we talked about the commercials that are on tv during the time that children are awake and what kinds of commercials are tv when children are asleep. The students also spent some time buddy reading with a friend.

Ask your child how their time on the play structure was today. The class got to play on the structure 2 times today.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.

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