Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Another Great Day in Grade 1!

Please remember to check both sides of the notes that were sent home yesterday. A few of the notes need signatures on the back side of the note. Please return all notes as soon as possible. We are starting Star Students tomorrow so this note needs to come back to school tomorrow. 

During Math today we practiced counting different objects in our class. If have time tonight please ask your child to count a group of items (spoons, forks, crayons, buttons) at home and then ask him/her how many were in the group. We are focusing on touching each item as we count and then only saying 1 number as we touch that item.

During language today we brainstormed different things we did on the first day of school. I also read a book called First Day Jitters. Ask your child what happened in the story.

Today the class went to the gym. Ask your child some of the things we did during our gym class.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow. 

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