Thursday, 21 September 2017

Fabulous Day

During math we worked on extending patterns (finding out what comes next). If you have time tonight ask your child to tell you the pattern core and what comes next:

5     8     8     8     5     8     8     8     5     8     8     8

Red     Blue     Green     Red      Blue     Green      Red     Blue     Green    

Fork      fork     Spoon    knife     fork     fork     spoon     knife     fork     fork     spoon     knife

In language today we chanted out this week’s word wall words, practiced on making the sounds of the letters S and M and then worked on individual white boards to decide if we heard the S or M sound at the beginning or end of the word. The students also finished a sentence in their journal.  If you have time tonight please ask your child to read this week’s word wall words to you and then tell you a sentence using the word can

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow.

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