Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Today during math the students completed an independent patterning activity where they had to colour 5 different patterns and then name them using the letters of the alphabet. If you have time tonight please show thepattern below to your child or draw it for them. Ask them what the pattern core is and then have them rename the pattern using letters of the alphabet: (the pattern core is triangle, triangle, circle, renaming with letters of the alphabet is AAB, AAB, AAB)

In language today we chanted out this week’s word wall words and then worked on the letter Mm sound. If you have time tonight please have your child read this week’s word wall words and then ask your child to tell you a sentence using the word see.

In science today the students sorted pictures of different things into which season they belong. If you have time tonight ask your child to name the 4 seasons and then tell you what season we are in now and what season comes next in a couple of days.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow. 

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